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A rail tie plate is a thick steel panel which sits between the steel rails and ties on a standard railroad. In general, rail tie plates are tapered at each end to improve the stability and reduce twisting and torsion along the rails. According to practice, steel rails installed with tie plates are better able to maintain their position, which helps to standardize the gauge of the track along its length. During the railroad construction, rail engineers and workers use rail tie plates to prolong the lifespan of a new track installation, which ensures maximum safety of railroad transportation.
types of rail tie plates

Types of rail tie plates

In actual production, there are three kinds of processes of rail tie plates: by forging, by rolling and by casting. Each type of rail tie plate has its unique features on the process of utility.
As the most competitive rail tie plate manufacture in China, AGICO Rail is always committed to produce high quality rail tie plates of these three types. With dozens of dies for rail tie plates and high level production technology, we have large scale production to make the heavy demand of customers.

Rail tie plates by forging:

rail tie plates by forging
In our plant, we own 300T~1600T forging friction press and 7 die forging production lines with 5T electricity liquid hammers. Our forging annual capacity can reach up to 12000 tons of rail tie plates, and a capacity of 400,000 pieces of forging rail tie plates.

Rail tie plates by rolling:

rail tie plates by rolling
In China, AGICO is the first company that tried rolling processing onto rail tie plate production, basing on our available rolling steel expertise that used for rail fish plates and gauge blocks. Up to now, we have successfully produced the various types of dies for rail tie plates, such as 11 inches, 14 inches and 14-3/4 inch for both 5-1/2 and 6 inch rail tie plates.

Rail tie plates by casting:
rail tie plates by casting

Among these three types of production processes of rail tie plates, casting is a common technology and it is also the most cost-effective way. As rail tie plate is a hot sale of for us, we have two casting workshops for casting materials especially. We are capable to develop die from most modern way to ensure the precise dimensions of tie plates, from hot pre-coated sand or machining way.

Technical parameter of popular rail tie plates

Type Dimension Holes Incline Rail Weight(Kg)
Rph 1/160 345/285/127/160x15/13 Ø26 (4x) 1:40 S 49/S 54 7,86
Rp 01/01/160 345/285/127/160x15/13 Ø26 (4x) 1:40 S 49/S 54 7,70
Rph 1/210 345/285/127x210x15/13 Ø26 (4x) 1:40 S 49/S 54 10,55
Rph 1/210 345/285/127x210x15/13 Ø36,3 (2x) 1:40 S 49/S 54 10,55
Rph 1/210 FVZ 345/285/127x210x15/13 Ø26 (4x) 1:40 S 49/S 54 10,69
Sph 1(a) 345/350/127x410x15/13 Ø26 (8x) 1:40 UIC 60 20,60
Rph 6/160 370/310/152x160x15/13 Ø26 (4x) 1:40 UIC 60 8,44
Rph 6/210 370/310/152x210x15/13 Ø26 (4x) 1:40 UIC 60 11,32
SZ 60 370/350/152x420x15/13 Ø26 (8x) 1:40 UIC 60 22,73
Rph 11 Ü 664/554x160 Ø26 (4x) 1:40 S 54 15,37
Rph 13 Ü 690/570x160 Ø26 (4x) 1:40 UIC 60 15,27
Rpo 5 345/285/127x160x15/13 Ø26 (4x) 1:20 S 49/S54 8

rail tie plates in agico

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