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Railway Fastening System And Railway Track Fittings

The introduce of the railway fastening system

The definition of the railway fastening system

The railway fastening system includes many parts for connecting the rail and the sleeper. The track is fixed on the sleeper, maintaining the gauge and preventing it from moving longitudinally and laterally relative to the sleeper. Meanwhile, it can provide the necessary elasticity and insulation. The rail fastening system plays a vital role in rail transit safety.

The working principle of railway fastening system

The fastening system can be classified into two categories by different ways of developing clamping force at the rail base. They are “bolted or screwed clip systems” (Figure a) and “driven clip systems” (Figure b), as shown above.

Its working principle is as follows: In the bolted or screwed system, the rail clip is held by a bolt, which inserts into the poured concrete to develop a clamping force. The system has the advantages of timely adjustment and efficient replacement. The driven clip system includes the cast steel shoulder and rail clip. The clip is driven into the cast steel shoulder, which makes the rail clip hold the rail base to develop the clamping force. It has the advantages of easy installation and disassembly compared to other systems.  

The introduce of the railway track fittings

Railway track

There are only three types of railway tracks classified by width. They are standard gauge, broad gauge, and narrow gauge. The standard gauge is the most common one with a gauge of 1435mm, and it is also known as the international track. Nearly 60% of the countries in the world have adopted it. So do our country and most countries in North America and Europe. It is the world’s earliest rail, located in England

Railway sleeper

                (c) steel sleeper                          (d) wooden sleeper                             (e) concrete sleeper

The sleeper has a vital role in railway construction. The sleeper can be classified into three categories: wooden sleeper, steel sleeper, and concrete sleeper, as shown in the figures above. The wooden sleeper has the advantages of good elasticity, easy processing, and convenient use. It is the primary kind of railway sleeper. Steel and concrete sleeper are increasingly used in the railway due to wood shortage after World War II. The concrete sleeper is widely used in the world because of its advantages of durability, stability, and high strength.

Elastic rail clip

The elastic rail clip is one of the common fastening components, and it is used to fix the track to rail sleepers (wooden and concrete sleepers). It has the advantages of easy installation and maintenance, long service life, and quick replacement. It mainly includes three types as shown in the following figures: E-type clips, SKL tension clips, PR series clips, and fast clips. It also can be classified into bolted and non-bolted elastic clips according to different fixation modes.

Fish plate

The fish plate is the end connection of tracks by the rail bolt. It has the advantages of saving time and is easy to install. It can reduce the impact of wheels on the jointing sections of the tracks, improving the stability of trains.        
The fish plate includes two types mainly as shown in the following figures: (f) The regular fish plate, (g) The joggled fish plate. It can be classified into nodular cast iron plates,  Q235 rolling plates, forging plates, etc. carbon steel is the raw material of the fish plate.

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