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How much do you know about railroad spike

What is a railroad spike

Railroad spike, also known as railway spike or track spike. It is the critical part of railway fasteners, which are used to fix the railway track and pressed against the railway bed. The railroad spike is a kind of metal spike with mechanical properties, it is widely applied in railway construction and maintenance. Railroad spike uses the finest carbon steel as raw material, forging uniformly, and adopting continuous isothermal electric furnace quenching treatment. Therefore, there are some good performances, it has a superior quality of strong durability, and it has sufficient strength to hold the rail in the position. It is easy to fix and replace the sleepers. Railroad spike as an indispensable part of railway fasteners, plays an increasingly important role in modern railway construction and maintenance.

Different types of railroad spike

AGICO is one of the most professional suppliers of railway fasteners, producing and marketing a series of railroad spikes. Our company mainly produces the following different types of railroad spike, dog spike and screw spike.    

Dog spike

Dog spike, that is because the top surface of its nail cap is very similar to a dog's head. There is another perspective about it, it guards the steel rails faithfully like a dog, which may be a literary exaggeration and praise of the dog spike. The cross-section of the nail rod is square, and the tip of the nail rod is a chisel shape. The top of the rod has a hook head to fasten the wooden sleeper at the bottom edge of the rail track. Their main function is to fix the railway track and rail tie plate on the wooden sleepers. It reduces the degree of wood damage caused by nailing, improving the gripping force of the nail rod in the wooden sleeper, and increasing the stability of the rail track, it is applies to light rails. it is the railway specific and indispensable fasteners.

screw spike

screw spike is another type of railroad spike, that has the same function as the dog spike. it fixes the steel rail to the sleeper, preventing the steel rail from longitudinal crawling and lateral displacement, providing necessary elasticity and insulation performance. screw spike is different in shape from a dog spike. Screw spike has spiral lines on cross-section of the outer or inner surface. It is often used in conjunction with spring washers. It is of stronger fastening force and wider application compared to dog spike. it is applies to heavy rails. Screw spike is more expensive due to the complex processes, We need to choose the right railroad spike according to the actual application. All in all, it is one of the important fasteners in rail tracks.

Choose the right railroad spike

Railroad spike is an indispensable part of railway fasteners. There are types of railroad spikes, we need to choose the right railroad spike according to the actual application. There is another important point to be noted. Railroad spikes as a metal nail product may also experience corrosion, wear, fracture, deformation, and other bad conditions. This will lead to a decrease in the quality, strength, durability, and other aspects of railroad spikes. Therefore, it is necessary for us to choose the right railroad spike according to different seasons to ensure the normal operation of railway transportation.

why choose us

AGICO is one of the most professional suppliers of railway fasteners, producing and marketing various railroad spikes. AGICO supplies railroad spikes with high precision, high tensile strength and corrosion resistance, which sell well in various countries such as the United States, Britain, Canada, Malaysia, India and other countries. We have types of testing equipment to ensure the quality of all our products meets client requirements. These facts make our rail clip products ideal for track assembly use, welcome to contact us.

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