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How much do you know about fish plate in railway

What is fish plate in railway

Fish plate, also known as splice bar or joint bar. It is a kind of metal plate used to connect the ends of two rails into a continuous track. It doesn't look like much, but it is an indispensable railway fastener, playing a very important role in railway transportation. The fish plate is used in conjunction with the fish bolt. It is much more labor-saving and easier to install than rail butt welding technology.There are some screw holes in the middle of the fish plate, and there are upper working surfaces in contact with the lower part of the rail head and lower working surfaces in contact with the upper part of the rail bottom along the horizontal axis of the screw hole. The fish plate is a kind of rail joint, and the structure is weak.
It is required that the fish plate must be tightly attached to the steel rail because there is a lot of impact force when the train passes through. Therefore, it is necessary to use steel with good rigidity and toughness for manufacturing the fish plates, increasing the allowable stress of railway fish plates by heat treatment, and improving the hardness and wear resistance of its supporting surface.

Types of fish plate in railway   

AGICO is a professional manufacturer providing high-quality railway fasteners including fish plates, rail clips, railroad spikes and some other fasteners. Our company exports to 30 countries and regions and gains high reputation. We mainly produce the following types of fish plate, normal fish plate, joggled fish plate and compromise fish plates.

Normal fish plate

The normal fish plate is the most common type, which is widely used in various kinds of rails. It is ordinarily made of medium carbon steel and high carbon steel. And there are two types of normal fish plate, four holes normal fish plates and six holes normal fish plates. The fish plate is used in conjunction with the fish bolt. The fish bolt penetrates through the elliptical hole, and the protrusion at the end of the bolt coincides with the elliptical hole, playing the role of fastening. The normal fish plate has the simplest structure among all kinds of them, which widely be applied in the railway tracks.

Compromise fish plate

Compromise fish plates are used to connect two different rail tracks, which have two separate sections, one is installed on the outside of the rails, and another is installed on the inside of the rails. There are upper working and lower working surfaces in contact with the rail along the horizontal axis. And the back of the upper working surface extends upwards, forming a transition section above the rail surface, which forms a bridge arch shape along the direction of the fish plate. Compromise fish plates are completely different in shape from the other two kinds of fish plates. Most of the compromise fish plates are customized, they are mainly used for some railway sections with special designs and requirements such as the railway turnout.

Joggled fish plate

Joggled fish plate is another type of fish plate, that has the same function as the normal fish plate. It can reduce the impact of wheels on rail joints, increase the continuity of longitudinal deformation of rail joints, and improve the flatness of trains passing through. The joggled fish plate is different in shape from a normal fish plate. it is a special forged fish plate that includes a fish plate and a bulge section in the middle. The joggled fish plate can effectively clamp and repair the welded steel rail, allowing the train to pass through the railway track safely. It has the characteristics of following rail deformation, a wide range of applications, convenient maintenance, durability, simple installation, and excellent fatigue resistance.

Why choose us

Different fish plates are applied to various types of rail tracks. Therefore, we need to choose the right fish plate according to the actual railway application. AGICO is a professional manufacturer providing high-quality railway fasteners. And we can provide a one-stop service for various rail joints including development, manufacture and export service. Welcome to contact us.
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